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Default August 13, 2006

Okay, I was thinking to myself. "Self," I said, "that loading ramp is nearly 3 metres wide, which is plenty for taking on several standard cargo containers and any assorted small packages or pieces of equipment. But what if the ship needs to take a bigger payload?"

So I borrowed an idea from a ferry we have here in Ontario which operates on Lake Huron. The entire bow lifts up on two hinges using massive hydraulic rams; this is how the cars drive out when it docks.

To load bigger payloads, the Joint now has a bow which can be raised up. The face of the hull is indented and the bow section has a thick rubber seal which fits into the indentation. There will be two hydraulic rams inside to push it up and lower it down.

First pic shows the hinges on the top, second pic shows the bow elevated.
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