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Kinda like SG hot and cold with it. The parts that really bother me is that cowling on the secondary, the neck (bit plain), and the way the struts bisect the impulse drives. I know it was done for the fore and aft views to retain the angle on the upper struts. I would have rather seen something that hung off those housings running along those hard points that were on the bottom of the impulse drives or relocation of the impulse assemblies. The secondary needs some matching up of the hull paneling, aztec, and details like the sensor packages from the rest of the ship.
Oh and that soft warp cutout, way to reminiscent of JJ trek. (needs more polys too)

But then again I am picking nits.

Just me though. Granted I dunno, nothing really wrong with the way the ship was prior too. I do like the white paint job on it.
ohh ohh keep getting ideas for projects, gotta stay away from the trek, least for a while. AUGHHH Though I would need to find a Hi-LOD NX-01. Not sure if I got the patience to model one then chop it up. Damn I could really use a good nx-01 atm too, not enough time to model it either. Should have built one vs that nx-13 thing I did.
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