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More pchat crap.
Some of these started in pchat dropped dress reimu and the kappa (girl with pigtails)
Many of these things contain inside jokes or series related jokes. Also some have SOSO content. (thumbnails hide it but BE WARNED)
Also some have other's drawings in them. Mostly Reglue, UNO, cookie, and REMI, I think. hahah.
zombie joke, the creator of Touhou used a horrible colour palette on Reimu (bow) and thus the zombie jokes started, recent game added this Tengu (ponytails) and her colour was off as well so, me being who I am. . . .
Colour is added. . . . .

Another dumb tengu is added. . .

Another Remillia spilling tea all over the mansion for the "perfect maid" to clean up
A gap.

yes, I read these books. I sheeped and read em then drew a pic in pchat out of serious boredom.

More groinal hairs in food. Reimu-burger is some english meme thing we to horrible things based on it at times. Reimu (girl with tray) is by Reglue

Random crap. Has some panties and bewbies so FOREWARNED! The little doodles except the maid with flyswatters not done by me. I think it is reglue again. (sorry! but remi sometimes draws like you **waits to be hit**)

WARNING girls kissing girls! so if you don't like it don't click, oh weed smoking and bad wennie jokes. Doodles at the bottom left to right By UNO Reglue me (the reimu) reglue (girl with umbrella I think) girl with hat me, jar me and the gap too. Top left is by Reglue, stoner witch, by me and the lesbians by me.

underwear, ok. . . started in pchat and taken into Paint tool SAI Anyhoo it is a pretty crap pic, with a really crap reason, teen body with a HUEG HEAD. heh Shows 2 differing bgs for it.

A kappa and flower freak, pchat versions

taken into SAI for planned colouring that never happened.

Wriggle and a Yukka (later by Cookie) Text by someone else, Wall I think.

freak frog, Suwako. The Sanae is by UNO?? or was it Remi? SORRY!

Random junk. I had watched the remaster versions of Yamato recently when I did this. lol. Some Yukkuri torture and arcane refs to Lupin. A Yukari eating Peanut butter (suppose to be me cause I was horking the stuff at the time, I forget the chat that started it.) The witch yukkuri I think is by remi The wriggle in the upper right is reglue again. I forget what caused me to draw Marisa being a pig eating a hotdog with a open mouth and unchewed dog in her mouth.

Another one I forgot what caused it to happen. Idiot hunting. Cirno is known as a idiot due to a game manual labeling her with a circle9 (9ball) and the subtext baka (idiot/stupid) Text to the right in the image reads baka baka.

A horrible attempt at cute. Someone prior drew some sickeningly cute things. I failed afterword.

Another new touhou. Nothing happened with this. I think the log vanished so I didn't bother with it.

humping, um this came from some rollcake doodle and chat about humping (not me) so this happened after the original doodle I drew. I cannot find it anymore or I would ahve posted it or subset it into this pic. This image is another inside joke. The one with horns is depicted "caving" other characters. Marisa is at times defined as sleeping with anything. (all fan based extrapolations via memes and other silly crap)

Random crap, I do not know where Card Captor Sakura relates in this anymore. But image shows her present time and in the past (when CCS aired) I drew the purple haired girl (patchy) And the 2 with red scribbles for colour. Rest I think is Reglue. Except the eyes to the far right and the "leave me be" and baaaaaw stuff. I think those are UNO and Remi. (they know eachother IRL)

ok wall of TEXT over with. Edited this like this since I figured they deserved credit.
BTW the silly names are nicks of people in pchat.
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