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necroed thread hah.

Anyhow anyone following my 3d crap know I have had some "issues" and well I had some 3d things planned but none of it was really READY, and getting the refinements in 2d were just not enjoyable either so here is random anime girl in WIP state. The char is from a series running this season (Japanese seasons are quarterly The Winter season is just over halfway through.) Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, also known as Puella Magi Madoka Magica. (Magical Girl Madoka Magica/ Puella Witch Madoka Magica) It is based of of a genra that was once generally a youth, read little girl genra. But has over the years as they grew up become a wide age group. Not to mention popularity with the whole moe thing. Anyhow this series does take a path down the dark side of mentally bent. I think it is one of the better series albet being a bit too transparent (my issue too many books I can pretty much guess what happens in any entertainment now) And it has to be one of the best things to come from Shaft in years. (Shaft is the studio doing the anime) They seem to have finally stepped away from the cookie cutter animation style and horridly method style of writing pioneered with PaniPoemi and Negima (second season) that had at one time gained them much fandom and coverage in the industry. But w/e hah Im sure it is all wall of words for you. So on to the WIP image.

It probably does not look like much and the pose and expression have no meaning unless you know the story etc. But hopefully that wont matter.
Originally I planned to do this as a fast loose painting but that went out the door 2 seconds in. oops. So I think it will be my typical painted style. But I still am considering doing it as a lineart painted look. (see the blog for examples of the lined art look)
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