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You mean the staff and her wings?
The wings are artificial since her real ones were torn off. So she fashioned them from bits of stuff, the ones here are my interpretation of this. (heavily stylized) The staff is Lävatein. A lot of this can be muddled up with the large fancanon related to this series. In the end they are part of her design. They wont be just black lines when I finish though. It is just blocking in for the shape right now.

Other images I have drawn of her in various styles,

BTW the thing she is stabbing in the first pic is a "yukkuri" means relax, kick back etc. It would take far to long to explain this meme.!
They are a cancer to touhou.

I cannot attest to accuracy of that url, the history I remember was a bit different. The 2ch or rather futaba incident occurred after.

BTW protip anything asian even made up words and nouns are NEVER NEVER pluralized. Those sushi, that sushi, all of those sushi over there. Never sushis. RAGE pet peve from hell.
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