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Thanks, it is just years of screwing around at many things but not enough at any one to make a life from it.

Attached is a failed attempt of a version of this character for The most recent touhou game. Each time her costume is slightly different. NOt sure if this is a feature or just that the original artist cannot draw the same thing more than once. O_o
Attached are examples of game 12 and game 13

Anyhow uh, I dunno what happened to my interpretation. haha looks like she is on downers or something heavy. :O Just a poor attempt to attempt to show her personality some which is a "everything is a bother" I actually find her quite rude and bitchy. But again so much fannon mixed in to things it is hard to define a line of what to depict. So I sorta follow my gut on some of the girls. Even if it is wrong or too fannon with no canon connection. Either way getting wordy so I will just shut up.
Yes, funky BG cause my eyes have been really bad with floaters and other shit the white BG just drives me insane lately.
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