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Originally Posted by obama549 View Post
I have to say I think I liked the inset bridge better but the raised up on is growing on me.

Very nice, very clean mdoelling so far and definately looks like something from the TMP era.

You also have a nice spot for a torpedo launcher on the aft ventral side beneath the shuttle bay.
uh, that is a OLD OLD model if your referring to the USS Laevatein. The bridge on that design changed due to the balance of the ship itself. Having had pulled the nacelles up into the aft body of the saucer like the Miranda class it needed that girth moved upwards to give interior volume.

re-connie mkII, there is a possibility for it Tony. . . . heh a possibility. I think though I should finish this project and it's "pair" up first. But who knows. If I did do it I would have to heavily weigh how much I would divert from the original ship. Maybe even plan it out some! lol.
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