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Reason I didnt to anything on the lethe after the last few posts
Lots to explain to those who dont know touhou, yes I keep tormenting you with this crap.
First off my drawings are the 2 girls in the bottom, they are from K-on. dark haired girl is a wuss the brunette is a idiot. the others are the "monsters" these are puns on touhou characters Shikieiki and Komachi, the judge of the dead and the farrier of the dead. If you look up Asian yama or judges of the dead you'll find similar works. Anyhoo lots of meme or puns here. The exposed legs in touhou the fanbase often draws her with sexy legs cause she has nothing else going for her (flat chest short etc) While her lazy partner (Komachi) had height boobs etc. Either way we got carried away drawing silly things and this is what we ended up with. :O

sample of how this pair SHOULD look
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