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Talking Touhou doodles

This set is fanart technicaly based off of a game series called Touhou. (google it if you want more info) Much of the visual content is based off the games or other canon material and even other fanworks and current community based memes, puns, and jokes. I will however leave off anything no in keeping with PG content. IE refrences to this or that. If you want to see those works you cna visit my DA account. (will need to reupload much of it.)
Unfinished work of the Scarlet Sisters (digital Painter)
Attachment 6208
Marisa on her broom (digital Paint Tool SAI)
Attachment 6209
Marisa again, a test of inverse painting not the best results (digital Paint Tool SAI)
Attachment 6210
ANOTHER Marisa celebrating 2008! (digital Paint Tool SAI)
Attachment 6211
Flandre Scarlet. She is a bit of a nutter (digital Paint Tool SAI)
Attachment 6212
Remilia Scarlet, Flan's older sister. They are Vampires if you havent noticed yet. . . (digital Paint Tool SAI)
Attachment 6213
Doodle of Reimu that didnt really go anywhere. (digital Paint Tool SAI)
Attachment 6214
Alice, bit of a loser she is. (digital Paint Tool SAI)
Attachment 6215
OK, this one needs some explanation. . In the most recent game this one character Reimu, was painted with these horrible colors. So everyone goes on about her being a "undead zombie" Marisa, who basicly is a clepto shroomer is dipicted in a meme as saying Reimu is a undead zombis, so YEAH! Either way I decided to have some fun with it. Sadly most mistook the original meaning behind this and as usual analysed information into it beyond the original intent. Oh well. (digital Paint Tool SAI)
Attachment 6216
Yukari Yakumo, and it is a wallpaper (digital Paint Tool SAI post in Photoshop cs2)
Attachment 6217

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