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Default Image Textures, Jagged Edges

How do you smooth jagged edges on a texture?

I've been having trouble with rendering an image map. I keep getting jagged edges. The texture just looks very poor quality. However, this is a sample Substance texture, and I've tried it at size 1024 and 4096. Same issue on both.
I'm hesitant to think that it's an issue w/ the quality of the map. (I believe the texture is procedurally generated in Substance, but it's applied as an image map in LW.)

I've been working on it for about 3 hours this morning, and 2-3 hours yesterday.
Here's a summary of what I've tried:
- Persp camera and Classic cam
- In Tex Editor, turned mipmap off, or high.
- Pixel blending off/on
- having camera close or further away, rendered image size at 7000 px, and used render region, (made sure render display was at 100%, and not zoomed in by accident)
- oversampling off, around .01, .1, or .5
- using an area light
- tried lighting samples and shading samples at 12 up to 500, no change
- Persp cam, Mitchel filter sharp, Lanczos sharp
- sampling pattern at low discrep, fixed, classic
- quite a few other tweaks, always changing only one thing at a time
- had the same result in modo
- using LW 11.6.3

Thanks in advance if you're able to respond.
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