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I think maybe a example of the issue might produce an answer as then people can see for themselves what the issue is other than some written description.

The jps you uploaded seem to work fine in MAX. There is a bit of noise in my sample as max has a bug where if you apply a gloss map the sampling ration is still grayed out if left at the max value of 1. (too lazy to change it and remove the noise.) Other than that I am not seeing any jaggies clipping or other oddities. Wondering it it might not be a per material AA, max has something like this called blur and often results in fuzzy ugfly textures as it defaults to 1 when it should be like 0.02. But you mention loading these in LW and Maya.

Anyhow try posting a example or set up a scene with an example of the issue if what your working on is view sensitive.
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