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Originally Posted by Rigel View Post
Now, now, posting images of real race cars isn't fair!

I like the figure; that's really well done. The muscle car looks good too.

I don't recognize the spaceship; Star Gate?
hehe i wish mate but as i also caught the 3d bug again somehow i caught the F1 bug too and ive been scowering the net for pics of f1 cars and there are so many that are rendered way nicer then mine but i ty for the compliment

and i donno if a 6 cyl turbo counts as a "muscle car" mate.. and yeah ship is stargate as i allways do some new renders with those old models once or twice a year.
Originally Posted by John Marchant View Post
Love those F1 cars.
cool, steep Learning curve on those tho especially the first one ie modern one i sat thru multiple videos and articles explaining aerodynamic theory and i barly understood half of it o0

Originally Posted by Treybor View Post
Welcome back Omni. Those formula 1 cars are amazing. Nicely done.
thanks! glad to be back hopefully i can keep the flame burning for a while
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