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Thanks, everyone!

Originally Posted by tension69 View Post
Cool image !

I actually had a chat with the dev about that program a couple of years back, and decided not to get it due to LW being superior...however I do still think terrain surfaces can be generated quicker with it (export as .obj). I may take the plunge next time it goes on sale (still on my wishlist).
I'm always in need of a decent space scene . My favourite was the Cosmic Packs for Photoshop. However, I switched from using PS to using Affinity Photo a couple of years ago and have been looking since. I've tried creating planets in Modo with varying degrees of success. I know it can be done, but I've never been able to replicate in Modo after years of trying what I can do in Grand Designer after a few hours. I am going to try the export function in GD out of curiosity.
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