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Originally Posted by John Marchant View Post
Well i was guessing. Not used Modo in some time.
No worries john....i don't use lightwave.....much either......

Originally Posted by Rigel View Post
That last render of the M9 is nice.

I've never held an M9 so I don't know what it's made of. In the render, the silver sections of the body look like plastic; I would expect metal. Also, on the left side of the camera, across the rounded part, the segmentation is showing.
Thanks Rigel....!! can see what your saying about the plastic look, but it's exactly the same materials and textures i used in the too previous renders.....and didn't what to do a 3rd one along the same lines, so more HDRI than incorrect materials,

The body Design is reminiscent of classic Leica designs, the M9 Monochrom features chrome defused flat finish that covers a magnesium-alloy chassis, and solid brass ...the solid brass parts are finished with the chrome defused cover......dose come in black chrome as well......

As for the segmentation this becomes more apparent with the HDRI.....? but the model is a level 2 subdivision mesh and very no idea at the moment....
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