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Default Xenodream, new version released

There's a new release out of Xenodream:

For those unfamiliar, its a real oddball 3d fractal program, which uses core shapes, (holons) that kind of resonate with each other to produce extremely complex and beautiful 3d shapes.

These can be exported as polygon models or point clouds, or rendered inside the program, as the examples that follow were.

The new release is a free upgrade to owners of the previous version, and includes many more holon types, better gradients, and improved export facilities, including Ultrafractal.

In my view it is great for those who like to twiddle controls and experiment, but rather hard to control to get a specific effect. The export facilities remain a great strength - not surprisingly it can produce HUGE polygon counts as its working with objects of infinite complexity! But the built in reduction software lets you move a slider, and see the reduced poly version change in real time before your eyes.

I attach a couple of images I produced with the latest version.
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