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Originally Posted by RedTed View Post
Thanks for the nice comments all of you!

@Temporal_Mechanic: My earlier posted renders of the rotating carousel show the panel texturing done with a normal map created from a high resolution model. But I'm not sure yet how to tackle the panelling on the superstructure. I'd like to model it as in the B5:TLT model shown in the ref pictures on the Meshweaver site, but that will put the poly count way up. May do partial modelled panels with overlaid normal mapped panels! In short, I'm not sure yet what to do on this section, yet!
I would definitely go with the normalmap. When will you ever need to make a shot so close that you could see the difference? And if you get really that close, you should model that part for that particular scene anyway.^^
And it makes less work for people who want to import it to other 3d progs.
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