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This is something I always had issue with in textures. You either have to have super high rez images to help defeat this.

The issue is because how the software is having to resample the images to the view. Textures are raster so the pixels are fixed, but your viewing them in a variable pixel environment. So those pixels have to be resampled to the angle, direction etc of the "view" When your at a angle that means the closest pixels are larger than ones further away it causes more degradation of the image so you get blurry textures. This is even more noticeable when at steep angles to the view because it is not sampling each pixel into the same ratio. So further pixels have less area to place the information.

Solutions I found.
1 use super high rez textures, or make the decals a separate material ID so they can be applied to an existing lower rez background texture.
2 use minimal blur on textures (this depends on your package if it is even a option.)
3 use a higher sampling rate or alt dithering algorithm (again package you use might not offer a solution)
4 do not texture contrasty details physically decal them into or above the mesh.

I generally choose #4, but that isnt always an option exp if it is say some warning marking that appears 100times across a hull. In that case with max I can make a material ID that allows me to map a decal texture as an alpha over another material ID. Probably more wordy of an answer than yes it is just the nature of texturemaps to do what your seeing vs physically modeled ones.

ALSO some packages allow use of SVG or vector texture maps. I have never really used or tried this but it might solve the blur issue as the images are produced via math not raster.
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