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Default Would YOU take this film job?

Not being a professional visual artist, and having never taken full duty on someone else's project, I am keen to get the thoughts and advice from those of you with more experience and expertise.

Firstly, I am flattered that any producer would take notice of my work and then reach out to me. However, I suspect that when visitors come across amateur hobby productions, they under-estimate just how much work and learning (and sometimes incredible luck) went into the final presentation. On this point, one of my primary concerns is if such a project is potentially a future-career killer for a hobbyist. [Of course I'd love to work in Hollywood one day and contribute to movies!] A second concern is whether the compensation is enough.

I have permission from the producer to discuss the following...

About the Movie.
It's a sci-fi, conspiracy reveal story involving extraterrestial involvement. It is to be produced in HD (not 4K).

About the Special Effects.

There are six or seven shots requring "holographic" projections or monitor visuals during interior, conference-room scenes;

There is one exterior field shot, where a subject in the distance will need to appear as if he's a projection or is materializing.

There is a "climax" shot in which an alien spacecraft emerges and lands. The ship does not yet exist, but is conceived to be in the style of a large, modern military aircraft, with futuristic, simplified propulsion parts.

About the Compensation.
  • $500 (flat rate).
  • 5 points of the net revenue of movie to start for a period of 36 months after the producer is paid back their investment.
  • IMDB submission for movie
  • Listings on official web site, Facebook and other social media platforms to be determined.
  • Mention in select press releases.
  • Copy of complete film/still images/credit.
  • Mention on official one sheet posters and other printed and electronic media.

When I first read the offer, I was wondering if there was a zero missing in the flat rate. At minimum wage (in the U.S.), one would need to knock out all these shots in 1.5 days. I've done similar visuals in past projects, and it can easily take a full day to produce one shot--particularly if motion tracking is needed. Moreover, don't forget that a suitable ship model must either be built or licensed for use.

Would YOU take this job? Right now there's a 50% chance I will need to decline, due to the very low immediate cash compensation. If I do decline, I would like to help the producer find an alternate, so do leave some feedback below if you're interested. I would be totally comfortable recommending many of the F3D users
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