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Originally Posted by Starbase1 View Post
Hi All,
I know there are some people here who really know their hardware, and like their video, so I'm hoping for some advice...

I got myself a 4k monitor recently in a sale. But didn't think to check the capabilities of my graphics card, with the result that when I tried it, I can only get 30fps. And the screen updates feel sluggish at that...

Now I did some googling on cards for 4k, but everything that came up was aimed at high res gamers, and was therefore VERY expensive. Whereas all I really need is a screen that updates smoothly at 60 fps, in desktop mode, and playing back video.

Anyone got any thoughts? What factors / parameters should I be checking for when examining a cards specification?

It may be a problem with your monitor, as most of the early 4K monitors were limited to 30Hz. I have a 24" Dell that has three 4K inputs - DP, miniDP and HDMI. The first two run at the full 60Hz, but the HDMI is restricted to 30Hz. I'd check the specifications of your monitor before you start looking at a new graphics card.

If you're not gaming, then something like a 1050Ti will be sufficient to drive a 4K display @ 60Hz. If you're looking at gaming, then a GTX 1070 offers a lot of performance for the money.
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