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Default A Bump in the Road!

Thanks TrekMD! - Glad you're enjoying this... I am too

I was so close to my deadline of “a day or two” and then… shortly after I installed the whole facility into the belly of the Enterprise-D, I identified a significant loss of relationship between the nicely even spaced decks of what I had modelled versus the much more irregular deck spacing that’s implied by the rows of windows on the secondary hull. For the most part, decks 40 to 42 lined up with the window layout on the secondary hull however the closer you ascended to deck 30, the more out of whack those decks were. My Main Engineering level wound up on deck 35 (all the fans know this should be deck 36) and my deck 30 was punching well into deck 29.

I get that all of this is right in the centre of the ship and so nobody would ever know unless they investigated the final model for flaws, but I just couldn’t settle on leaving this as is without at least attempting to harmonise things and redefine some proportions, if only subtly. – I basically settled for reducing the ceiling height of the antimatter pod facility a tiny bit, though that did require redefining the proportions of the antimatter pods and then reduced the overall scale of the warp core tunnel part of the model (warp core and all) to preserve its proportions.

And all this after I smugly reported zero alignment issues, which was absolutely 99.9999% true for X and Z… All this nonsense has been Y’s fault! Irritatingly, subtle though the alterations have been, I preferred they way it all looked before but... what can ya do?

I've been rendering constantly so I have more to show, perhaps by the end of the day!
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