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Originally Posted by David cgc View Post
I haven't watched via their dedicated apps, so I'm not sure how it is on TVs, but on a computer, CBS All Access seems to max out at a razor-sharp 720p resolution. So, I guess it's nice to know this'll be worth getting on disc visually, at least.
I couldn't tell if the episodes were being streamed in HD or Full HD, but the HDR presentation is breathtaking... pity it isn't 4K, but we can't have everything!

Definitely would be curious to see the comparison between the streaming and physical Blu-ray versions. Whenever I'm in-store or on Amazon, I try and see if the 4K Blu-ray version of a particular movie or TV series is available over the standard edition, but I'd be very surprised if Discovery came out in anything other than standard Blu-ray or DVD. In fact, the only TV series I've seen listed so far in 4K/HDR is Westworld.
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