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Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
Shiny. I really appreciate this. Hold off on the Starfury for the moment though. I didn’t mention it, but scattered throughout that section they’ll be a few of the original 3D models which were used on the show. Already got a couple, but I’ve just learned the Starfury will most likely be one as well – same for the Thunderbolt. I’d kill for a half decent one on the T’Loth, Th'Nor, Primus cruiser (not the liner), Earthforce One, Olympus, Nova or the like. Warlock is likely to be the one used on the show.
Too late I already did it! So it's here if you need it.
Here is the EA Nova by John Quach.

I notice that the PNG's of the Blue Star done by David CGC are 500px wide and you said 700px! Anyway, I've done the Nova at 700px but if it's too wide I can redo it.

I'll do the Olympus Corvette next!

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