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Originally Posted by Omnipotent View Post
throw a PM my way and i might just hook you up with a copy
youd have to retexture it as the textures wont translate to other software tho.

red an black eh?
well we currently offer two paintschemes in red/black so pick and choose

Attachment 46451 Attachment 46452

Thanks man! and who yo calling old grampa :P
no this one doesnt have any armament. and yes that big honkin' sword fits into the hood which is kind of a custom boot or something dont ask me how but it does fit in there

you can see it in some scenes here
brilliant CG if i say so myself the Japs really knew what they were doing when they mde this movie
If I was doing a 3d mesh of my superhero, I would love it, I'm trying to do a graphic novel but I would love to see this in white as inspiration.
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