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Default Rendering setting tutorials/questions

Dear all,

I am in the process of putting together some segments of film, i have basiclly shot out in 1080 DV, put that through After effects, added the effects ETC..., but my question is now, when rendering out from after effects what setting are best?

Should i render out to quicktime with audio and then import that into Premire Pro?, the temptations of course is to always go with the highest settings isnt it?

Also, has a side on, any tip wise here, When you come to editing your clips, do you cut them down in after effects first then send them out to prem pro? or what tips could be added

Its a bit of a simple question but one which im sure has been asked many a time, its more of a any ideas through them in kinda thing, Im keen to acheive something as close to BSG as is possible.

kind regards, thank you in advance for taking the time to answer and of my querys, much apprchiated

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As far as the edit goes, that should be done first, then render and composite/post only what you need. What you bring into Premiere should be nothing more than exactly what the shot calls for. No sense wasting time and effort on stuff that's going to get cut. This is why almost all directors do pre-vis for VFX scenes, so the artist know exactly what to render.

As for format between the two, I would stick with uncompressed AVI. The file size is huge, but you don't lose anything in the conversion. The last thing you want is to compress something over and over again, so leave everything completely uncompressed until the final export from the editor.
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Hey Luke. Usualy when doing something like this the slightly more"proper" thing youll want to do is to split up your footage and export your raw data as image sequences for each scene/shot. When exporting from after effects you will still want to export as an image sequence, exrs are a standard format, but you could also use tifs or tga with the least compression. If however you wanted to do all of that in after effects and export sound as a mov, then I would choose animation codec as that wont compress your quicktime (or it adds very little compression I think) and youll have your audio track aswell.
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