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Default Star Trek - Bringing Home a New CO

Officers moved hurriedly around the yacht bay of the U.S.S. Saint Helens, preparing for the small vessel’s return with the new commanding officer. Bulkheads curved and crossed over the oval opening at the bottom of the saucer section forming a silhouette of the currently vacant space that usually nestled the little used craft. The current executive officer, Commander T’Uerell, stood at the railing that encircled the opening. She leaned over gently to get a better look through the forcefield and into space outside. Two small workbees towed the new main deflector array into position far below, the blue glow of their tractor beams illuminating its outline.

Currently drydocked, the galaxy class starship had spent the last four months undergoing a major refit. Whilst still moderately young at twenty years old – Galaxy Class spaceframes were envisioned to have almost a one-hundred year lifespan – the steady march of technological advancement meant that the Saint Helens required some significant upgrades to bring her in-line with other vessels actively serving in Starfleet. Some of the upgrades were relatively routine, such as a replacement of the bridge module and computer cores, and more efficient bussard collectors. Others were more significant, including the installation of a new Quantum Slipstream drive. The Galaxy Class line of ships came into service long before the discovery of slipstream, and their spaceframe profile meant that the assembled ship couldn’t bare the extreme subspace stresses involved. Instead, slipstream upgrades could be made to the stardrive section only.

“Thomas Dryer on approach vector,” a male voice came over the intercom in the bay. Thomas Dryer was the name given to the captain’s yet, named for the first person to ascend Mount Saint Helens on Earth. “docking alignment looks good.”

Below, the small vessel eased into position, rotating slightly to align itself with the opening in the hull. As they slowly ascended toward the bay a tractor beam flickered to life. Blue beams reached out from the opening, firmly grasping the yacht and drawing her home to nest. The usually invisible forcefield fizzed with excitement as the Thomas Dryer’s hull came into contact, and passed through uninhibited.

“Ten meters to dock,” the voice continued. T’Uerell stood back and straightened her tunic. Whilst she had hoped command of the Saint Helens would fall to her after Captain Donelly accepted an Admiralty position, she knew Starfleet must have had its reasons. Jealously was not logical, and she would serve her new commanding officer with every bit of dedication as she had the last. The new Captain however seemed very different. More ‘self-important’. Even though the Saint Helens was drydocked over Earth he’d insisted T’Uerell send the captains yacht down to Starfleet Command to get him instead of simply beaming aboard – a round trip of a couple of hours including preparation and boarding.

“Hard-seal confirmed. Docking clamps engaged.” T’Uerell looked over her shoulder up to the docking control booth and gave a simple nod of approval. A young Ensign smiled and nodded in return before turning away to attend other duties. The entry hatch to the yacht hissed as it cycled open, rotating to the side revealing a descending gantry, upon which stood Captain Fabricio Alverado. He stepped off to greet T’uerell, extending is hand warmly.

“Commander T’Uerell I assume!” he enthused as they shook hands. “I’ve heard so much about you. Only great things, I promise.” He spoke with a south American accent, but T’Uerell couldn’t quite place its origin. Colombia perhaps? Venezuela? He stepped forward and to T’Uerell’s shock embraced her firmly. She stood rigid for a moment uncertain how to respond until he stepped back, still clasping her firmly by the arms. “Permission to come aboard?”

Taking a moment to recover T’Uerell forced herself to don an air of composure. Like most Vulcans she was unaccustomed to spontaneous displays of affection – doubly so when it came to complete strangers. She nodded politely.

“Permission granted. Computer, transfer command codes to Captain Alverado, authorization T’Uerell alpha-nine-five.”

“Authorization verified. Command code transfer to Captain Fabricio Alverado logged on stardate 74191.2.” The computer promptly responded.
“Welcome aboard, Captain. I stand relieved.”

“Very good, very good!” Captain Alverado dropped his duffel bag to the floor and pointed to random passing crewman. “You there, have these transferred to my quarters. The Commander and I have much to discuss!” He slapped T’urell across the should and led them toward the exit, leaving the confused crewman to deal with his belongings.


Long time, no post. Have been working on this image on and off for a couple of months now and finally found the time to finish. I hadn't done a Drydock scene in a long time, and wanted to try to focus on detail with this one. If you look closely on the full size image you'll see people in some of the rooms, and some detailing in windows that aren't illuminated. With the vessel so close to the camera having them simply black felt wrong.

Also decided to try and do something that hadn't been seen on the show - namely using the Captain's Yacht. It's an interesting premise that was never really used.

Constructive comments and criticisms welcome as always.
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Love the render and the story. One tiny criticism, you made a spelling error, instead of "captain’s yet" it should read "captain’s yacht". I really like this model. What is the poly count?
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Little people confirmed.

It's a beautiful render. Now animate the scene. I dare you
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That's beautyfull, but not my model ... But it fits well to my 4k desktop though.
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