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Default Star Trek - Star Trek Guard (Story + Art)


Long story short, read this link:
(Personal stuff comment on the blog, not here.)

It contains a long post of what I'm doing at the moment. There's a lot in there and a majority does not need to clog this thread. Since there will be a lot for this story, picture and writing wise, I decided it's own thread would be necessary. The other thread will be just for other unrelated Trek stuff.

Also makes this next picture and description easier to understand where it is coming from. So without further ado (a due?)....


Some info and stuff about the interior of the USS Sampson...

Oh yea. Since I started writing my story, I decided the Sampson will have a larger role so she needed to be rebuilt. Several of my designs are also due for an update and I'm working to keep things consistent across them (i.e. same size windows, airlocks, decks of 3.5 meters, etc.).

Originally she was suppose to only be seen in the prologue, but I decided I wanted to keep her around a bit longer. Her back story is still mostly intact (built during the Felgoth Crisis, command by then-Captain Russel Isodor, who is now in charge of the Guard and at the rank of Admiral). The prologue opens up with her current captain, Andres Trector, who took over for Admiral Isodor years earlier. The planet they are in orbit of is a familiar one, one you won't be expecting, and will touch on an issue I think is important and relates to today.

EDIT: Amendment. Since I've been rethinking how ranks and such work in the Guard, Andres won't be the rank of Captain and instead will be at the rank of Commander. He will still be the highest ranking officer aboard the ship, but since the Guard is more citizen militia orientated, Starfleet officers with the rank of captain and above will still take charge in most situations if it is necessary. Isodor will have one of the higher ranks (undecided if Admiral will be highest rank or something along the lines of Commodore), but will still be lower than Starfleet's highest ranks.

The Guard ships answer to the government of the world it is assigned to rather than the Federation as a whole, but will have a bit more say in final decisions. There will be very few instances where they 'outrank' the local government. Also Guard ships are made up of vessels from the Federation member worlds, so it won't be just Starfleet-type designs only, though there will be some mixed technology ships (Starfleet-type ships with Vulcan warp rings). The Guard is also more for worlds who can't maintain a stable space Navy, so they are very unlikely to be around Earth, Andoria, Vulcan, or Tellar Prime to name a few as they all have capable fleets (obviously).

There are some other things, but it's late. Sleep time...
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