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Default 3D Releases - Chain Move v2.0 released

Hi all,
Just letting you know that I've released Chain Move v2.0. If anyone used v1 (which is still available and still free) then you'll be pleased to know that this version uses instancing, making setup, management both greatly improved - not to mention speed improvements.

For those who are unfamiliar the bottom line is that this is a tool for those who need to create an animated chain-cog system, and do so quickly. The web page is Chain Move v2.0, but here's the blurb from it:

This plugin helps the user create chain and chain like objects and animations, particularly where chain links and cog teeth are involved - such as a bicycle chain. All that is needed is a series of points that describe the path you want the chain links to take, a chain link object, and an item to drive the chain motion, such as a cog. Features include:
  • Simply enter the cog radius and number of teeth, all the maths is worked out for you.
  • Cog teeth and chain links will always fit correctly together, no matter the length of the animation.
  • Uses instancing so, unlike the first version of Chain Move, you can change variables for all chain links in a single control panel.
  • The correct number of chain links are calculated and instanced automatically for you - but you still change the amount if you wish.
  • Animation of the chain links is automatically driven by the rotation of a driver item.
  • Use dynamics to animate the chain (see video below).

Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

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I pickup up the first version and I meant to use it on a tank track. But it was one of the things that ended up on the "not done yet" list.

The improvements look really good, so congratulations.
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Wow, that is awesome!
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