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I like the intermediate version.
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I just watched the preview on CBS and my opinion hasn't changed. The opening credits looked like a badly drawn cartoon from the 70's. The pilot was ok and if it was on the CW I would probably watch it but I don't see paying $5-$10 a month for this.
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Intermission Break:

Will never understand the mob mentality towards Enterprise. No, it wasn't the best series in the franchise--not even close--but it gave us dozens of riveting episodes and a handful of truly fantastic characters that were as solid and entertaining as any in the entire franchise to date. Come on: Shran? The Doc? Oh, how quick and easy it is for some to dismiss and forget.

I also will go on record defending Jolene Blalock: She worked her ass off trying to retroactively foreshadow the Spock character. I think she did an amazing job.

We now return you to something far riskier....
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