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Default LightWave - Any tips for reduced radiosity flicker in 11.6.3

I've looked at so much info on this my head hurts. In the end I had to go with radiosity set to background only, but I really want to use interpolated monty carlo again. I've tried increasing Ray's per evaluation, secondary bounces, samples etc....none of it seems to make any difference. In one short render test it was like blotchy ripples of shadow crawling all over my character. Anyone have any tips or found a cure for this??
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Have you disabled Interpolation with Background or Monte Carol Radiosity enabled?

You can also fake it with Ambient Occlusion to lower render times, if the look works for your scene/application. DP lights work wonders with acceptable render times.

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Depending on what you're rendering, caching it can work. You prerender the Radiosity for the scene and it uses tha solution. It's tough to get right if you are not using brute force, full radiosity.
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