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The Cafe IMP, LLC, owners of this site, is happy to provide a forum for commenting and discussion. Please respect and abide by the house rules and use good internet etiquette (link). Discuss topics of your choice in the Cafe only, with the exception of sex or topics deemed inappropriate for family consumption. Discussions of politics and religion are discouraged due to their volatile nature; however, each thread will be judged individually for content (religion and politics) and will not be shut down immediately. Staff retains the right to close or delete any post which they deem inappropriate. Threads or posts that advocate violence or hate, advance spam, or violate our TOS will be deleted or closed.

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Old 4th May 2011, 06:31 PM   #1
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Default Just a reminder concerning the forums...

Our Terms of Service can be found here TOS towards the bottom. You can also reach it by clicking on the Forum Rules link in the orange bar.

I would like to invite everyone to refresh themselves with it.

At the beginning it states:

The below is a list of the general rules that the staff enforce on the Foundation 3D forums. They should not be confused with a binding list with which to hide behind, but a common sense list to be used as a guideline for members. To that end staff are NOT limited solely to enforcing the rules listed here and can, as a whole, decide to go beyond the rules here, or even disregard them as special circumstances might dictate. This policy list is perfectly open to amendment and policies can be added or detracted, retroactively, as the staff deems fit.

I would also like to point out a speciffic item in regards to the Cafe specifically.

In the TOS:

2. This Web site contains one or more of the following interactive services: bulletin boards, forums, communities and/or other message or communication facilities. You agree to use such services only to send and receive messages and material that are proper and related to the particular service, area, group, forum, community or other message or communication facility. In addition to any other terms or conditions of use of any bulletin board services, forums, communities and/or other message or communication facilities, you agree that when using one, you will not:

Publish, post, upload, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, derogatory, defamatory, infringing, improper, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information...
I think a common sense approach to these rules and their interpretation will serve us all in the general good of the forums.


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Default Addendum

I am going to add a couple of items to this to help alleviate common items that seem to surface on a regular basis. These are not rules but should provide some guidance on sticky subjects.

Mesh or Asset Requests

Often a member will see a model used by someone or being built by someone and wishing they could lay hold of the model. There is nothing wrong with that and in fact it's entirely natural. However there is a proper etiquette that seems to work best. For reasons obvious and some not so obvious those with the goods sometimes don't like to be bothered in a public way. For everyone's sake the best way to go about asking for a model is through the use of a Private Message. if the person chooses not to share the model it is always best to be polite and thank them for their time. Rarely you will find members who respond in an antagonistic way: you're best course is to thank them kindly, make note and move on. There is no requirement, nor should there be, that a person share their work with others. However, there have been many who have formed lasting relationships and shared their work back and forth to mutual benefit. We would hope through careful and courteous communication you will find the same.

Necro Posting

We do not frown on posting on old threads, most of the time. It's why we don't close threads like some sites do. New members stumble onto work that impresses them and want to share that excitement with the Thread Owner (TO) . Sometimes that person is no longer active or they have long since moved on. There is no shame in posting on an old thread and sometimes it has served to prompt a TO to revive a project and finish the project. So, don't be afraid just consider the thread and whether it's worth the revival.

Trigger Words

This one is somewhat difficult to know and even with the best of intentions you can go awry. But a good example in the US are words that are considered detrimental to the disability community. The latest trigger word in the US is "retard" or "retarded". We do not have specific rules about the use of words but using the wrong word in a derogatory manner will usually get you in trouble with someone and often can result in a long feud where no one wins and everyone loses. If you do use a word that others find offensive it is usually best to just apologize for the misunderstanding and move on. It is going to happen when we have members from all over the world and the cultural differences. Words just don't mean the same thing in every culture even if they all speak the same language. So cut each other some slack on this and understand the other person usually is not trying to offend you.

Online Fighting

This one happens more often that one would like to think. You could take the half the site right now and they would have some issue with the other half. This is not uncommon and is prevalent just about anywhere and everywhere you go. If we were private site it would be less of an issue since we would then be a elite club and choose who gets in and who doesn't. We have chosen to be a open site and allow everyone in within reason. When that reason is violated we must then make a decision to cut ties with the offending party. That's a waste and everybody loses in that situation. It is something we try to avoid. However, a very quick way to the path of excommunication as it were is to start getting involved in open warfare on the site. Nobody is saying you have to get along with everyone but we are saying that is doesn't belong on this site. It's an age old problem which we cannot fix but which we cannot allow. Why? Simply this reason: We are here to grow a site, banning members is counterproductive to that goal and allowing members to have open warfare across the site is also counterproductive to that growth. It's simply a line we have to hold and insist on.
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