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Default The Great Maker Receives Another

Sad news - Stephen Furst, who played Vir Cotto to perfection on Babylon 5 passed away from complications of Type 2 diabetes last weekend.

Starting with his break-out role as Flounder in National Lampoon's "Animal House", Stephen had a long and productive career. And the icing on the cake? He was a really good person, avoiding the many pitfalls that often befall those touched by the fickle finger of fame. He married his wife in 1976.

Of all the Babylon 5 characters, Vir was my favorite. He started out as ambassador Londo Malari's timid, bumbling assistant, eventually becoming the emperor of the Centauri Republic.

His many roles and accomplishments are summarized here:

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I had a long conversation with Bruce Boxleitner this year about how B5 seems to have suffered more than most shows for losing cast. Remembering B5 is becoming painful as a reminder of those who have died.

It's going to be the 25th for B5 next year though. 25 years is a long time.

Such a shame about Stephen Furst - the long line from B5 gets added to once more. Out of all the characters in B5 I thought Vir was the least convincing but when given the right few lines it all came together, so I guess the problem was with the scripts and Vir being comic relief. Notable scenes for me were him killing Cartagia and the fallout afterwards, standing up to Mr Morden and his recollections of Mollari in Sleeping in Light. Vir worked best as a silly man who was braver and deeper than those around him.
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I met Stephen Furst a couple of times at local conventions. He was a really nice guy and great to talk to. A real shame.
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