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Default Borderless texturing complexer objects in 3ds max

Hello my friends!

I have an (maybe) easy question to you:
I´m working with 3ds Max and a long time i tried to avoid texturing my models
I concentrated myself just on creating meshes but as we all know: Texturing is a part of it.

Now i have a deficit regarding texturing.
As you can see in this simple example the texture has a visible border which doesn´t look good

Is there a tool or a trick to create UV coordinates which are borderless? Or do i have to do this on my own? For the grey part with the border i use a tileable texture.

Thanks in advance,
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Your going to have to uvw-unwrap that to get it to go around that curve. Youll need to apply uvw-unwrap and relax it to a point it flattens out without distortion. Try not to let it seam in areas that it would stand out find corners or areas deep inside or place not quickly visible. I would seam it long those sharp edges on the inside of the model.

You could also try projection mapping but then you have to be really exact with your seams which when your doing grime etc or any advanced surfacing would prove a real PITA. That and live with the small distortion as it gets to a right angle to the projection (planar)

Google about or use the tuts built into max or the online manual. It is really too much to try to walk through on a forum post. Heck I am not even that well versed in it as I try my best to avoid it.

I have seen a few old script around back in the pre yearly updates of max IE max 7 8 9 but those days there were no real UVW tools for unwraping, it was sort of some slight adjustments and you have to fudge it on your own. I think there are some pay for scripts or tools but many of those are way up there in price.

It might be easier to break the model into sections too. It is clear that you have the red inner design on a poly edge you might want to detach all the gray stuff then unwrap it then reattach it after collapsing it to a editable poly. This way you can ignore that inner panel and just planar project it or quickly uvw unwrap it and relax it flat. Only real pixel counters will likely see the distortion if you just planar it.

In this process some find it easier to apply a grid texture to see the results across the model in viewport. It will show any distortion and areas you need to look at correcting.

This is just a check pattern but there are ones online with rainbow gradients numerals etc. Ignore the menus as I just snagged this off google search.

This is one time because of the tools Id look for app specific tuts. Theory about what to look for to place seams and tricks to making it easier should generally be cross platform though.
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