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Default found something interesting.

im not at the skill level i want to be at for texturing, usually ill set something then go on and come back, model,texture etc etc. I run out of creative energy after a bit and my texturing just suffers greatly.

Well, i found a program online that seems to simplify a few things:


It might save some of you a bit of time if you already had a color/diffusion map ready to go and just need a quick normal map or spec. Its still in the beta stage but its really impressed me on how fast it makes images.

just thought id let ya know

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hmm if they just made that for Linux... it would be awesome !
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I'll have to take a look when I get home tonight.
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This look very promising I am liking if for its bump, and diffuse maps...however take a look at FilterForge http://www.filterforge.com/, not only with it generate all the amps will also export and individaul layers as well. it done throguh a nodal ssytem...it's expsnsive but there is a 30 day trial which is not restricted...
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