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Default Game Model Texturing Books

A couple of months ago when I was planning on trying to get back into 3D again, a friend asked me to check out Second Life and design her some clothing n stuff in it which uses the ingame UV maps. I have zero experience with trying to texture lo poly models and faking the lighting in Photoshop.

I've recently had a go at it and using dodge/burn to fake the lighting or an overlay layer with black and white brushes and the smudge tool to fake the creases n so on.

Considering I suck at texturing, it wasn't bad for a first attempt but it still sucked compared what else is on SL from other artists.

I would be interested in any books that have sections written on low poly texturing for doing this kind of thing or better yet, if there's any books out purely dedicated to this exact subject.

I already have Leigh Van Der Byl's Lightwave 3d 8 Texturing which is a great book but it is of limited use in this case as I don't have Lightwave's rendering engine to work with here.
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You can design your own stuff in second life? O_o
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