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Default Most Asked Questions - Downloading and Uploading

I decided to write a lengthy reply to this since it seems to keep coming up. I believe F3D does more to promote, support and make available meshes in every format and variety both freely and privately than any other site out there. We do that through several well thought out and implemented solutions. As with any system there is always room for improvement but any changes at this point will require changes to the code which integrates tightly with site security. Our current system works and allows the following:

1. New members are able to download after registering, however, depending on when you registered there can be up to an hour wait as the auto promotion system picks up your registration. It is possible you just registered after it ran and it runs every hour.
a. If you happen to be in that category DO NOT whine or complain, it wonít do any good and I could be tempted to delete your account. (Yes, I am human and I donít like whiners and I am completely unsympathetic to it)

2. The mesh authors have complete control over how their assets are released. They can choose:
a. Everyone - (This is all registered members)
b. Group(s) - (This allows releasing to specific member groups)
c. Selected User(s) - (This allows choosing one or more specific members to release an item to)
d. Premiere Members (This is for Premiere Members only and is controlled by the site owner - me)

3. We do not have secret stashes of models that we keep to ourselves. The options listed above are the only options available and all assets fall into one of those options.

4. You will only see items in the resources for which you have security access to see.

5. The site has a general EULA which protects all meshes; however this EULA takes NO ownership over any mesh except for Premiere assets which we either pay for or have donated to us specifically for Premiere release. The basic EULA is the first step in allowing mesh authors to protect their work should legal action need to be pursued as ALL members have to agree to this EULA before downloading. In all cases the mesh authors info or EULA either ads to or supersedes the F3D EULA. If you donít plan on steeling something you have nothing to fear and if you are a mesh author itís one more layer of protection for you.

6. Mesh authors are able to update their work with newer revisions without the need to create a whole new entry.

It is entirely possible that you have a question I have overlooked or find a bug with the system that has yet to be found. Either way, please feel free to PM me. If you find a legitimate bug we will add it to the list of items that need to be fixed otherwise questions that bring up valid points will be added to this post.
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