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Triple F
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Default Beta copy of the last update to B5Scrolls.

It’s not quite ready for full publication – The interviews, artwork and ship screens are up. The Other Stuff section still has a few things to add. But here’s how the final update to B5Scrolls is shaping up.. . . . Only took 18 months to find the time to do the bloody thing. : )


If you don’t read anything else on the site, the interview with Ron Thornton is the one thing I’d recommend.

I don’t know why I never thought of including them before, but the little link boxes behind the highlighted text – which hold quotes, trivia, photos, even script extracts - add a new layer of detail and info . . . or at least that was the theory.

Biggest problem I had with them was how many to include, and how much to put in them. Too many and they totally screw up the readability of the site – especially if they’re holding a lot of text. Too few and you start wondering why they’re even there.

The addition of the renders showing some of the actual 3D models used on the show was nice to finally have. And the slightly larger page layout meant I could play around a bit more with content – like the animation showing the Lemmings being ejected from the Streib ship (screen 8 in the interview with Thornton).


That sort of thing isn’t an animation file BTW. It’s just a series of still images which are flipped through like a book. Trying to create animations which every browser on ever platform will run is nigh impossible these days – and I’m not loading up multiple copies of 50meg+ files just to do that. Which is another thing. As well as being fully downloadable for folks to keep - the site is also designed for viewing on a desktop computer. Some phones will run it just fine, while others will wave their little metaphorical arms in disgust and make a bolt for the hills. The biggest issue will be the use of flash animations.

The reason for showing it here, and hopefully getting some feedback, is it’s a bit of a beta test. Getting feedback from folks who are viewing it on different configs, and browsers, is never a bad idea. So I can hear if there’s any issues with how it looks or performs.
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