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Creating Aircraft Textures

by bmckain7/28/08

Texturing an Aircraft
by Tom Tullis Tullisart

This tutorial is intended to be a companion to Ethangarís MiG 3 tutorial. Iím using the same methods he discussed for applying the color images to the 3D model-in this case all planar projections with the exception of the spinner which is a UV map. All of the following images were created using Adobe Photoshop.

The basic mesh image is exported out of Modeler as an EPS, then opened in Adobe Illustrator and assigned a line weight that will be easily viewed in Photoshop.

Once in Photoshop (PS), the mesh is pasted into its own layer so I can see the camo beneath it. The basic camouflage colors are painted in at this point. I have slightly grayed them to simulate the effects of sun bleaching (this sucker isnít factory fresh).

Here is the color layer with a markings layer added above it. Iíve also added a Ďdirtí layer above the markings and started to add a few stains.

Here is a close up after some more subtle weathering has been added. Dirt collects in panel joints and then spreads out from there when the area gets wet. The dirt also collects and streaks rearward during flight. For this I have used two colors, a medium neutral gray and a slightly brown gray color.

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