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Spline Cage to Patching

by bmckain2/22/09

A tutorial Gem by Lewis

Getting from spline cages to patching can sometimes be daunting. If you find yourself wondering how and where to start then Lewis's tutorial Gem is for you.

This tutorial Gem is meant as a tip to get you started, you should already be familiar with LightWave in this instance and know your tools. The tutorial was not recorded with sound and was compiled at 2x speed so you will want to slow it down or pause it when you need to see what is happening. For your convenience this tutorial has also been linked to a dedicated thread where Lewis makes himself available to offer addition tips and help should you get stuck.

Spline Cage to Patching

Spline modeling (for me) is the quick and accurate way to get the precise shapes involved in cars or planes down before comitting to polys.

This video takes the viewer through creation of the base spline cage using NewTek's LightWave, however, the concepts are the same regardless of what package you use for modeling.

You may want to 'Right Click>Save Link As' and put the video locally on your hard drive for best performance. This video uses the H.264 video codec. You will need to have QuickTime 7 or later in order to view this video tutorial. Download QuickTime.

Spline Cage to Patching - 10min. 41 sec. QuickTime H.264 codec. 46.9Mb

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