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Space Scene Lighting

by Reaperman11/8/12

 Space Scene Lighting
by Repaerman 


How tis Done....The Space Scene

Or How to turn this

into this

Now, I dunno about you, but I often get a lot of stick from certain people because I don't make my own models, now Lightwave is advertised as 2 programs in 1, Layout and Modeler, I happen to be good in 1, and not in the other, so I have to rely on other people for models to render, however it goes both ways, a lot of people who make good models cant render except to load the model and hit 'F9', whatever the case there's nothing wrong with putting energy into 1, but you should still try both 9and I do dabble in modeler from time to time...shortly before threatening to throw my PC across the room) another problem is Sci-fi seems to be both a blessing and a curse in CGI, most people do a sci-fi pic at some point, however if it's from Trek you will get some people putting you down for being un-original, well screw em, let's make some magic eh?

Now I personally render to a theme, usually what mood I'm in or what music I'm listening to, this is, IMO, an important part of my art, so if u want to know what i was listening to when i rendered this, click here

Now we've opened LW, DL 'd Dennis baileys wonderful Enterprise Refit (where's the reliant dammit Dennis!) opened a basic star field and hit F9, we got

Didn't we? yuck!

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