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Making Planets (using procedurals)

by JediKnight12/2/07

Making planets is fairly easy by itself, 3 spheres textured with image maps from NASA. But what about those ones that are not in close proximity, and you don't want to have to go to all the trouble of making one yourself; here's how you can make planets using only procedural textures.

Procedural Planet Okay, we all love to create space scenes. But what would a cool space scene be without a cool planet in it? Or even a few planets? Sure, there are quite a few cool hi-res planet maps out there on the internet, but it really becomes boring to see the same planets over and over again. Many people do their own planets but only do desert planets or gas giants that are relatively easy to do. With Lightwave's cool surfacing possibilities you can do an infinite amount of different planets by just using procedural texturing methods.

At this point I'd like to thank Dean Scott for the atmosphere method that showed me the great possibilities of Lightwave's gradients, which incidentally I use for this planet's atmosphere glow, too.

By tweaking the procedural texture settings you can create virtually every planet you need, from desert Dune-like planets to Earth-like 'Class M' planets. I will try here to cover the basics of procedural texturing by creating a planet with clouds and a nice little atmosphere glow using ONLY using procedurals and gradients in Lightwave.

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