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UV mapping a car

by Tony Coleman5/20/08

UV mapping a car with Lightwave
by Tony Coleman

The tutorial is also provided in PDF format; to save it on your hard drive “right click” and save as.

Car UV Map Tutorial

The gear box script, no longer available, has been provided for the use of the tutorial.

I would just like to point out before you read this, I’ve never done a tutorial (If that’s what this is called) so I’m sure there are many ways to do the following but this is just the way I found most useful, but I’m always open to suggestions.

In this Tutorial we will be creating a UVmap as a reference to creating Decals/ logo’s etc for a Pontiac Firebird (Pic1)

The first thing you will require to follow along is a small LScript called ‘Great Box’.

I always split my model up into layers, I find that this helps with any adjustments that need to be made and also it helps with quick updates when rotating the object in the perspective view, an object like a car with full interior can soon slow the best of systems down if kept in One layer and perspective set to full Textured Wireframe. Just for reference I have my layers set up as follows:

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