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UV mapping a car

by Tony Coleman5/20/08

Firstly we need to setup the ‘Bounding Box’ using our GreatBox LScript. Add the LScript using Utilities / Add Plugins. When complete select all layers plus an empty layer, mine is layer 17, then activate the ‘GreatBox LScript’, mine is found in Utilities / Additional / GreatBox. This will create a bounding box with equal dimensions based on the longest side of your object, in our case from front to the rear of the car, this of course being the longest measurement.

Now select the bounding box layer only, select all polygons next select the Bevel Tool (b) in the numeric window leave all settings at their default of ‘0’, accept these settings then press the space bar to drop the tool. This has now bevelled our box. With the polygons still selected press the Del key to delete them then press ‘m’ to merge all points which will now leave you with a box made of Two point polygons.

Now to start with the UVmap. Activate Layers 2 (Boot) and Layer 17 (Bounding Box) Select the top Polygons on the Boot and all polygons of the Bounding Box.

Click the ‘T’ button in the bottom right hand corner select new, in the UVmap options window change the ‘Texture Name’ to CarBody_UV, or whatever you wish, set the map type to ‘Planer’, Subpatch Interpolation to ‘Subpatch’ (If you leave this option at it’s Linear default you can get some distortion of the map due to it being a Subpatch model). Set the Axis to ‘Y’

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