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C4D Introduction

by bmckain7/26/08

C4D Introduction for LW 7.5b to 8.3
by Sebastian Goetsch & Nick Hatzichritos

C4 - An object destruction plug-in set for Lightwave 7.5b to 8.3


A plug in Iíve found to have a lot of great use has been C4 Destruct Created by Sebastian Goetsch & Nick Hatzichristos. It took me a long time to figure out how to use this plug in to its full effect. My efforts to learn were hampered by the fact that there were no tutorials other than the home page itself. When I finally figure out how get C4 to work in both Layout and Modeler, I thought I share. This will be a quick tutorial to create and blow up a sphere, which should give people the basic idea of how the thing works. I hope you find this tutorial useful. First of all, if you have not downloaded the plug in yet, you can get it at Object Destruction Tools or C4 Destruct - Foundation 3D

The first thing we need to remember is that C4 is not one plug in, but two.

C4 Destruct works in Modeler to break apart the mesh of the model so it can have multiple pieces flying everywhere.

C4 Detonate works in Layout to control the motion of the broken pieces of the model.

Unzip the files into a new folder of your choice. I like to put mine in the Lightwave plug ins folder. Open the Modeler and install the plug in C4_Destruct.lsc.

One important note: The object you wish to blow up MUST be a closed geometry. If not, like an open half sphere, for example, you will get very unpredictable and undesirable results that will probably crash C4 and/or Lightwave anyway.

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