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C4 Destruct 1.3 for LW 9.x

by bmckain7/28/08

C4D Destruct for LW 9.x
by Sebastian Goetsch & Nick Hatzichritos

C4 - An object destruction plug-in set for Lightwave 9.x


After many years of trying, I got in contact with Nick Hatzichristos. I asked him if he was going to update C4 for Lightwave 9.x. He initially said no, but later surprised me with this beta version of the Destruct plug in that works in version up to 9.3. It has not been tested in version 9.31.

sd_EDIT: Note, C4 1.3 Beta is now known to work up to Lightwave 9.5.

This is a beta version that should work but does have one major limitation. It does not have the Materials Tab as the old version does, so you canít change the type of material that the object is made of when it shatters.

This beta version is available in the Resources section in the same zip file that has the old version. Just install the C4_13Beta1.lsc as you would any script and follow the directions from the C4: an Introduction tutorial.

Know bugs and problems 1. C4e.cfg Error: If you get either of the following error messagesÖ

If you have a previous version of Lightwave 7.x or 8.x with C4 installed, the C4e.cfg file may have been left there from the previous version. Try deleting that and then launching C4 again.

2. Bounding Box Offset: This is not a real problem; it just looks funny. For some reason, when you create an object with this new beta version in 9.x, the bounding box is offset. At first, it appears that the objectís center is off, but when you pull the object into layout and pull up the C4 interface in the properties tab, the object itself will be offset from zero, but its center will be back to normal. Just zero out all of your position coordinates and you will be all set.

3. The last problem known problem is the plug in crashes just as the last stage begins where all the pieces are put back into a single layer. You may see this error message.

This is annoying, but there is a simple workaround. You can manually cut and paste all the pieces into a single layer then save it as an LWO. It takes a little time, but it works.

Hope this helps you to blow up lots of stuff in Lightwave 9.x

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