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exrTrader V1.5a Released

by Tony Gardner4/15/10

db&w Announce Free Update to Their LightWave3D Plug In

V1.5 added these features...

  • Added support for writing OpenEXR data windows depending on the content of the buffers. This decreases the size of image files and speeds up loading and compositing in applications that support the OpenEXR data window (such as Fusion 6, Nuke or Shake)
  • Updated the presets to allow for user defined directories.
  • Added the Pixel Inspector to the VIPER preview
  • Various minor tweaks, such as adding a dedicated VIPER button the main user interface to toggle VIPER.
  • Minor bugfixes, mainly to the presets system

V1.5a fixes some issues found in V1.5, including...

  • Renamed the loader to "LW_OpenEXR" - please re-add the exrTrader plugin to LW to activate it. This will effectively override the native OpenEXR loader that comes with LightWave.
  • Fixed issues with limited regions and no data window being computed by exrTrader.

The free update is available in the db&w website downloads section.

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