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Fabio Passaro

Fabio Passaro
Modeling and Texture Artist

Fabio has been a freelance CGI Artist now for nearly 6 years professionally and for nearly 3 years prior to that on a semi professional basis.

Having started in an engineering background - he gradually made his way into CG through his love of both Art and IT in general. Discovering he had a natural aptitude for CG type work and thoroughly engrossed in the amazing CG (for that time) he saw on a regular basis in Babylon 5 - he decided to make it a career and the rest as they say is history.

Amongst his other hobbies are fly fishing - photography - clay trap shooting and motorcycling. He is very much an ying yang type person - equally at home in front of a desk full of the latest gadgets - or out in the wilds just enjoying everything that the countryside has to offer.

•Babylon 5: The Lost Tales (Atmosphere VFX)
•New Captain Scarlet -(Scarlet Production Company)
•Star Trek: The Experience - Borg Invasion 4D
•Battlestar Galactica: Mini series - TV Series - Razor
•Mammoth Sound & Vision - Theme Park Pre Viz
•VBulletin - Graphical Icons
•Immersive Education - Educational DVD's
•Microsoft - Training Media

•Cinema 4D