NewTek Introduces LightWave 10
By Press Release
Published: 7/29/10

Offering its most advanced 3D technology with real-time viewport rendering, advanced data interchange, immersive filmmaking and visualization tools

LOS ANGELES – SIGGRAPH – July 27, 2010 – NewTek, worldwide leader of 3D animation and video products, today announced NewTek LightWave™ 10, the next generation of its Emmy® award-winning professional 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. LightWave 10 will combine ground-breaking CORE technology with enhanced Modeler and Layout to deliver the most extensive upgrade in years to LightWave's production-proven workflow.

NewTek continues to innovate with LightWave 10, offering powerful new features and benefits to LightWave artists, including an amazingly photoreal real-time version of our award-winning renderer, VPR (Viewport Preview Renderer) and advanced, real-time CG hardware viewport shading, delivering Anaglyph Stereo, Ambient Occlusion, Transparency, Refractions, and Bloom.

LightWave 10 will also offer extensive, new immersive real-time virtual cinematography and game development tools. These solutions evolved as a result of the virtual cinematic production techniques that were pioneered by leading Hollywood artists and technicians for films like "Avatar," "Tintin," and "A Christmas Carol." For production studios and more advanced individuals, this immersive technology includes integrated support for the InterSense VCam™, virtual camera system. The individual artist gains a similar immersive experience with LightWave 10 and its integrated support for 3Dconnexion's complete line of 3D mice. This powerful combination provides directors and artists with the ability to interact in real time within a 3D set.

"As a LightWave HardCORE member, I love the power and flexibility that I get with the preview builds of LightWave 10," said Lino Grandi, feature film creature rigging and visual effects supervisor. "VPR allows me to see the complex creature rigging deformations in a beautiful real-time render. It's incredible to be able to work on a character rig and get this advanced level of visual feedback. Interactive lighting, procedural textures, reflections, transparency, radiosity, it's all there."

LightWave 10 is ideal for all production pipelines-from large production facilities to small specialized studios. It offers the following new elements:

Interactive Display and Rendering Tools:

Flexible Data Interchange Enhancements:

New Immersive, Real-Time and Game Tools: 

Bullet Rigid Body Dynamics: 

Advanced UV Mapping Tools: 

"The imagery created by LightWave users and studios and the yearly awards and recognitions for that work speaks for itself," said Rob Powers, vice president, 3D development, NewTek. "LightWave has an indisputable track record in the industry and allows studios and individuals to continually turn out award-winning work on time, on schedule, on budget and with a profit. If you are doing feature film effects, prime time TV, commercial work, music videos, or a science fiction project and you're not using LightWave in your pipeline, you should reconsider your approach."

About LightWave 
NewTek LightWave 3D® combines a state-of-the-art renderer with powerful, intuitive modeling, and animation tools. Tools that may cost extra in other professional 3D applications are part of the product package, including 999 free cross-platform render nodes, support for Windows and Mac UB 64 and 32-bit operating systems, free technical support and more. LightWave is enjoyed worldwide, as a complete 3D production solution for feature film and television visual effects, broadcast design, print graphics, visualization, game development, and Web. LightWave is responsible for more artists winning Emmy® Awards than any other 3D application.

Pricing and Availability 

When LightWave 10 ships in Q4 2010 it will be available for a suggested retail price of US$1,495.00 LightWave 10 upgrades will be available for US$695. Educational pricing is also available. For more information, please visit or call NewTek Sales at 800-368-5441. International callers dial +1-210-370-8000.

About NewTek
Benefiting producers and artists with cost-effective and groundbreaking technologies, NewTek is a worldwide leader in 3D animation and special effects tools, portable live production and video editing including LightWave 3D®, the TriCaster™ product line and 3PLAY™. NewTek has won numerous industry accolades, including two Emmy® Awards. NewTek products have been used in blockbuster films and television shows, including "Avatar," "Repo Men," "Alice in Wonderland," "Tintin," "The Dark Knight," "Iron Man," "Caprica," "V," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Lost," "Fringe" and more.

NewTek is privately owned and based in San Antonio, Texas.  For more information, please visit:

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